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Hey Guys…….

This is one I started a while ago, but thought it was a good chance to finish post  it

Why can’t life be more like a movie.  Life would be so much easier.superman_alt__by_khristiankhouri-d3bkb3p

Love would always be around the corner, your hair would always be perfect, and you would always have that perfect line or stare.   You could dodge a bullet, or drive a car off a cliff and still get out without a bruise.   you could get attacked and avenge your culprit, and the world would love you.

But unfortunately life is not like a movie or a comic book, we fall and get hurt, we love and get heartbroken,  someone you love gets hurt, and there is no one to help them.

This is where real hero’s are missing, not the ones who fly around in cape’s, or shoot fire from there eyes, but the ones who see someone in distress and actually stand up to the situation and say, this in’t right, those are the real hero’s.

They don’t just look at the world and think yeah I can put up with that, They turn around and say, NO THIS IS NOT RIGHT, why can’t there be more people like that.

I think there are to many people worrying about what other people think about them.  And wanting that hero to save them.

I think they’re more worried about the people that are going to save them than the people already doing the saving.

I always wanted to be that hero, and on many occasions I have tried, but unfortunately I haven’t got any appreciation, but I guess that is the work of a hero, never looking at ones own life, but taking the world off everyone else’s shoulders and putting it on mine.

That’s how my mind feels right now, I have all sorts of things going through my mind none stop 24/7, I mean my mind never turns off, constantly going from scenario to scenario. all of my problems, my friends problems, and the whole world’s problems, none stop, which I think is my cause of depression and insomnia.

So I have finnaly booked a appointment with my quack, and hopefully they can sort me out, and I can become the super hero I was meant to be.  Still with the awesome powers, and the ability to save the world, but without the Professor X style of hearing everyone at the same time.

Mikle out


The Return

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Hey all…..

It’s been a while since I did my last post.

In all fairness, I haven’t been in the best of places.

As some of you who follow my blog may know, I am not always the happiest of people, and recently I have felt very down.  I feel that I don’t seem to be living a life, more a case of I seem to be just going through the motions.  I do the same job day in, day out.  I have no real friends that I can reallly say that if I rang them up they would come to my aid.  It reminds me of one of my favorite songs that I have mentioned in past post by NIN (nine inch nail) every day is exactly the same.  This is how i’m feeling at the moment, and it drives me insane, something needs to change, and maybe something I found may just fix that.

I have applied to allot of agencies in the USA to try and get some sort of work out there, but usually the price they charge for the H2B VISA application is outrages, but the other day I was contacted by a group who supplied the VISA that’s very good price and supplied the sort of work I was looking for, so I applied.

The rest of the story is still untold at the moment, but hopefully I will be seeing allot of you in the great land of opportunity very soon.

Mikle Out. X

The good, the bad, and slightly wiered

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Hey all……

Well another interesting night down the pub.  Started off dull, but the music (as cheesy as it was) started flowing, and I have now just added my name to the pub as one of the builders by helping install a new make shift umbrella to shelter us from the sun/rain, being the unpredictable country this is.

On another note, I have finally worked out a saving Skeem to get over to the USA next year for VidCon.  The only downfall is that it means only 1 night a week drinking.  Its gonna be hard but well worth it.

On an even better note, I have just heard for the last hour, the music is gonna be… Wait for it…. Pop punk, hell yeah, some blink, abit of sum 41, roll on the good old days.

Anyway untill next time……

P.S sorry no pictures this time but the windows phone version of WordPress is not the easiest to negotiate.


To Dream

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Hey Guys

So its been a good weekend, (for a change), Met some new people, and for once, actually enjoyed it. I went down my old local for a few drinks, and it started out as a slow night. This was until midnight, when a party, down the road had finished, and the few people left standing dreamdecided to come down the pub. There was a variety of people, some, normal, (well as normal as the people I know),some Scottish, (well some one has to be), then there was a few people from London, Theatre going people, and one very interesting Mexican, who enjoyed lying on the Pool table, which was very distasteful =P. But there was one girl, who as drunk as she was, made some very good points. She started the conversation as anyone would, where are you from, what do you do. Then she took me by surprise and said are you happy, and if not why, and what do you want to do. I didn’t really now how to respond, “I know I don’t like my life, and I know I want to be in America”. It was strange, I had never answered that quick before to a question, I don’t know weather it was because I had a few drinks, or they just caught me off guard, but it got me thinking, why have I settled down so easily, I’m still young (ISH), and I still have allot to give, why should I not pursue my dreams. I know the main reason is financial security, but what is the point in that if all you’re doing is securing a future of boredom and misery.

Anyway, that’s enough for now.

Till next time…….

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I’m back, grumpy as ever

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Hey People

Sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve been in a bit of a funk.  

I don’t know how to explain it really, work is going well, money is good, but I’m just not happy right now.  I just don’t know what to do.  There seems to be nothing to get me excited about life at the moment, I wake up, wash, go to work, then go home, day in, day out.  then on the weekend, like tonight I decide to go down the pub.  But I sat there for a while, had two quick drinks, and thought what’s the point.  I was there just because that’s what I do on a Friday night, and I was bored out of my mind.  There seems to be nothing at the moment that really gets me going, no challenges, no different experiences, just every week, same as the last one, and it’s really starting to annoy me now.  but what to do.  

I’ve already missed out on the two things that I wanted to do this year, one being VIDCON, and two being SITC, which I intend to do next year, but I want to travel the USA as well.  I missed out on the gap year fun all my friends had because I never went to Uni, I went straight from school, to full time college, then straight to work.  but now I’m even more stuck because I bought a house, before I was really ready, and now I’m stuck with bill, after bill, with no chance of doing what I really want to do, and I think that is what gets me down more than anything, the fact that I have all these dreams, and no way to fund them because of the commitment I already have.

Anyway, enough of the rambles tonight.  I’ll be back doing my weekly post from now on.

The song to say it all

LOL (lots of love, not Laugh out load)

3 Weeks Gone

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Hey all…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but it has been a hectic few weeks.Image

First off, I went on holiday down to Newquay, in my VW bus, which was great.  It took me a good few hours to get there (7 hours in total) but I got there.  But on the second day my clutch cable went, so I had to call out the AA, who managed to bodge it on the spot, which was great.  The next few days were fantastic, hot sun, cool breeze, and good friends.  

But when I got to the end of the week, packed up and ready to go home, you guessed it, the camper broke down again.  I got the AA out again, and they said it was the ignition coil, so I paid for a replacement, but still, it ran rough, so next the dizzzy, once again paid for the parts, and once again, still no luck.  Eventually, the AA towed me back to the site I was staying on, and the next day my dad (after trying everything I could to sort it myself) came down, all 225 miles, to help me try and repair it.

After many hours of both me and dad stuck under the bonnet, and replacing all the ignition system, the camper would still not run true.  So once again, we called the AA, but this time they said it was the fuel pump that had gone.  We weighed up costs of loosing several days of work and getting it into a local garage, against having it towed all the way back home.  eventually we decided to have it towed home.

Now back at home, and looking at it our self s, we realize the AA is useless, the coil is fine, the fuel pump is fine, it is just a case that the old style point are, well, buggered.

anyway, I’ll have another post for you all in a couple of days on how music effects us, and how it makes us feel.

Until then


I would like to add to this post that, without my Mum and Dad I could not of done any of this with the camper, they have both been there to support me and the fact that they travelled 225 miles to come down south and help me fix it, well, there are no words to express how much I respect them and appreciate them.  I love them both, more than life itself.

The Wheel After The Second One

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Hey Guys…..

So… It was interesting being the third wheel tonight.  

Went out with one of my friends, (the people who follow me know who I’m referring to), and she decided to introduce me to her new boyfriend.  I went there thinking, hoping, he was going to be an absolute t%@t, but as I got talking to him, he turned out to be a really nice person.Image

I don’t know what annoyed me more, him being a really good guy, or the fact that he was just like me, and I met here first.  

Either way, life goes on, and I am truly happy for the both of them, and it has been a really good night.  But where does that leave me? Once again back at the start.

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