The good, the bad, and slightly wiered

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Hey all……

Well another interesting night down the pub.  Started off dull, but the music (as cheesy as it was) started flowing, and I have now just added my name to the pub as one of the builders by helping install a new make shift umbrella to shelter us from the sun/rain, being the unpredictable country this is.

On another note, I have finally worked out a saving Skeem to get over to the USA next year for VidCon.  The only downfall is that it means only 1 night a week drinking.  Its gonna be hard but well worth it.

On an even better note, I have just heard for the last hour, the music is gonna be… Wait for it…. Pop punk, hell yeah, some blink, abit of sum 41, roll on the good old days.

Anyway untill next time……

P.S sorry no pictures this time but the windows phone version of WordPress is not the easiest to negotiate.



A Sober Weekend

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Some days are good, some days are bad, and the other days are somewhere in-between.

This is the sort of day I have had.

This morning, woke up nice and refreshed, ready for the day that lays ahead.  all went well throughout the day, happy faces, pleasant comments, and my own desk at work.  But, as it is a quiet time at work at the moment  I finished early. Which meant, to the pub.

All was fine fore a while, had a few pints, had some laughs, but eventually, inevitably, I had a few too many.  I never did anything bad, or even embarrassing, but I think it was the first time one of my new friend saw me in a slightly drunk state, without being drunk their self,  and I’m not sure what they thought, which is always a daunting thought.  Was I funny, was I obnoxious, I don’t know.  But what I did know, was, I didn’t like the person I was.

I don’t like feeling of not being in control, it unnerves me.  Image

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting tipsy, but I don’t like getting drunk, especially when the people around me aren’t.

So, I have decided, for the first time in many years, this weekend, I am going to be completely sober.  That’s right not a single drop of alcohol.  Now, I know allot of my friends will be saying “this will never happen” but, it will be done.

now the only question is, what to drink?

  • J2O
  • Pepsi
  • Orange juice

Suggestions will be accepted.

Either way one of these drinks will be mine for the weekend.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.


Drunk post, good times

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Hey guys…..

once again, gone to the pub.  All intentions good, just a few beers then home, but once again, it didn’t happen. What makes it worse is that I am at work half 7 in the morning.

It has been a fantastic night though met even more new people, which is great, and had a fantastic laugh at the same time. Music is awesome, and I wish the night didn’t have to end.

That’s it for now, new post out tomorrow.


The Drunken Blog

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OK, So I have been wanting to do a drunken Blog for a while now, I think it is one of the best ways to get some of your true feelings across.  So here’s mineImage

I have just spent a good couple of hours down my local.  It started off as per usual.  Me just stood, in a corner, bye myself, minding my own business.  Then one of my old friends walks in, who, I used to work with along time ago.  It was strange. He walked in with his girlfriend, followed by there mates, yet again, another couple.  It felt nice at first, getting to know each other, but as time went on, it felt more and more like I was a third wheel, which made me feel bad.  I started off feeling like I had met some people that I could go out for a few drinks and enjoy myself, but as time went on it became more clear that I was the one they were all thinking “How can we ditch this person”.

The people that know me, know that I am not the smoothest of talkers, I have my weird twitches, and a poor taste in jokes (thanks to my Uber sized joke book) But I try my best, and I always though that, that was the idea to find true friends, but as I get older it becomes more clear that in order to find true friends you have to lie.

And so I now sit here, by myself, wishing, hoping, that someday I will meet someone else who thinks the same way, maybe a new friend, maybe the future Mrs Fowles

I know it’s a long shot, but we have to hope.  Other wise, what is the point of being here.  Myself I do not hold high hopes for love, but it would be nice just to appreciated.

That’s my drunken write finished, unedited (bar spell Check)