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Drunk post, good times

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Hey guys…..

once again, gone to the pub.  All intentions good, just a few beers then home, but once again, it didn’t happen. What makes it worse is that I am at work half 7 in the morning.

It has been a fantastic night though met even more new people, which is great, and had a fantastic laugh at the same time. Music is awesome, and I wish the night didn’t have to end.

That’s it for now, new post out tomorrow.




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As I’m sat here, in my bed, still wide awake, I realize I should of been born in America.  By the time I usually fall asleep It will be about 4


AM here in the UK.  If I was in the US it would be closer to 9-10 PM which would be a fare better time of day to fall asleep.

It doesn’t help that I’m a caffeine addict, I get through multiple cups of coffee, and bottles of Pepsi Max every day.  I’ve tried sleeping pills, herbal teas, reading, but none of them seem to work.  But at least this gives me chance to draft a few Blogs and do some sketching.The problem is, I have is having a mind that wont turn off.  Whether I’m thinking about work, life, my neighbours making noise, or I’m stressed, there is always something keeping me awake.  But the one thing that really bugs me for keeping me awake is when I can’t stop thinking about Imagenot going to sleep.

So as I sit here, bored and alone I think to myself, I should of been like Sting and become another English Man in New York.

The Drunken Blog

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OK, So I have been wanting to do a drunken Blog for a while now, I think it is one of the best ways to get some of your true feelings across.  So here’s mineImage

I have just spent a good couple of hours down my local.  It started off as per usual.  Me just stood, in a corner, bye myself, minding my own business.  Then one of my old friends walks in, who, I used to work with along time ago.  It was strange. He walked in with his girlfriend, followed by there mates, yet again, another couple.  It felt nice at first, getting to know each other, but as time went on, it felt more and more like I was a third wheel, which made me feel bad.  I started off feeling like I had met some people that I could go out for a few drinks and enjoy myself, but as time went on it became more clear that I was the one they were all thinking “How can we ditch this person”.

The people that know me, know that I am not the smoothest of talkers, I have my weird twitches, and a poor taste in jokes (thanks to my Uber sized joke book) But I try my best, and I always though that, that was the idea to find true friends, but as I get older it becomes more clear that in order to find true friends you have to lie.

And so I now sit here, by myself, wishing, hoping, that someday I will meet someone else who thinks the same way, maybe a new friend, maybe the future Mrs Fowles

I know it’s a long shot, but we have to hope.  Other wise, what is the point of being here.  Myself I do not hold high hopes for love, but it would be nice just to appreciated.

That’s my drunken write finished, unedited (bar spell Check)


The Neighbour Challenge

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Hey guys…..

Here comes another daily prompt challenge.  Today’s challenge is Who are your neighbors? Are we friends with them, avoid them or just a casual wave hi.Image

I moved into my house about 2 years ago, and quickly got to know a few people on my street, except my direct neighbours, who when I first moved in, were neighbours from hell.  screaming kids all day and night, stupidly loud music and constant arguments, but they moved out a couple of months after I moved in, just to be replaced by exactly the same sort of people.  Finally they moved out as well and I am now blessed with nice, quiet neighbours, who moved in a couple of months ago.  I still haven’t met them yet, only seen them through my window as they come and go throughout the day.

Unfortunately I still have problems with the neighbours on the other side of me who seem to fight constantly throughout the day and night, it was only two nights ago I was trying to get to sleep when at about midnight there children started singing as load as they could, shortly followed by there parents joining in.

But after all this it could be allot worse.

The Clean Up Challenge

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Hey all…..

So today’s challenge is to talk about what household task we dislike the most.  Is it the task itself that we dislike or is there something more……Image

For me, I think the worst household chore is, well, all of them.  I detest the fact that I have to come home from a long day of work just to do more work at home, I pay allot of money to own my own house, pay the bills, and yet I still have to do my own house cleaning, well most of the time anyway, luckily I’m blessed with a lovely mum who will occasionally pop round and have a quick run round with the hoover and clean the dishes.

But still is it to much to ask for the magical pixies, (that we all know exist), to pop around at least once a week and do a little bit of tidying up.

Anyway, as much as I wish I could guarantee those pixies will come round, at this time of night it look unlikely, so I’m off to do some dishes.


Happy Endings Challenge

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Today’s challenge is to talk about trying to quit something, did we go cold turkey, a gradual slow down, or did it stick at all.

Me personally I have a few vices I should kick.  The first is smoking, I’ve managed to quit before but only for a few months, then one night out, someone offers me a smoke and I’m back smoking again in no time.Image

The next one is drinking.  Now I have always been a big drinker, I started drinking when I had just started high school, just a couple of bottles here and there that I would sneak out, then When I was old enough I started frequenting the pubs almost every night.  It never really helped working in the drinks industry from when I left school, and I still work in the industry, but now in the distribution sector instead of the bar trade.

Neither of these things are not great for me, already being a badly controlled diabetic,

Now I still smoke (although not as much) and I am still drinking, but in moderation know maybe once, twice a week.  I am a firm believer in the fact that unless you are 100% ready to quit, there is no point trying, there are to many temptations to lead you back, you have to really be in the mind set to do it.

Besides No one likes a quitter.


Social Network

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Almost time for the weekend again, and I have managed to find some tickets for Summer In The City.  The YouTube conference at the Alexander Palace in London in August, the UK’s biggest event for YouTubers.

And so I thought I would do a countdown of the top 4 mainstream social networks out there, starting with No: 1 YouTube.

youtubeI got into YouTube a good few years ago by seeing a link for @meekakitty, and was instantly hooked.  Soon after watching a few more videos I discovered another YouTuber @nanalew.  From there I soon discovered more and more people on there and the crowed keeps growing.

facebookNext on the list is the biggest site that everyone knows and uses, even your Gran.  Facebook is mega, there is no other way to explain how big this social network is.  As like most users I have had a Facebook account for many years, using it to contact old and current friends from next door to half the world away.  I think the best thing about Facebook is the user friendly buttons all over the page giving you hints and ideas.

twiterAnd so onto the next.  Twitter  This I one of my favourite sites.  What I love most about Twitter is that you can follow whoever you want and see what they are talking about, whether it is your best mate or your favourite actor, anyone can be seen, you might if you’re lucky even get a follow back from someone famous.

instagramInstagram is a very quick and easy way to share photos and videos with you friends.  Its simple to use and can make any novice Photographer look like a pro.  Instagram is a product I have never really used, as I use a different website fore my pictures Deviantart.  But the power of this program and how much people use it deserved a place in the top 4.

Well that’s what i consider the main sites, there are allot more around that I could talk about but I’ll let you guys discover them for yourself.

There will be another post on Sunday