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A Day Of Steve DAY 1

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Hey Everyone

This one is a bit different for me, I have decided to a day in the life of Steve, the much beloved Minecraft character.  For those of you who know what Minecraft is about then you’ll understand the post.  If you have no idea what Minecraft is then you proberly have a slightly higher social status than me, and will have no idea what I am on about.  Hope you enjoy……..


Suddenly I appeared, as if from no where, stuck in this strange forest, I can’t remember how I got here, but no time to think about right now I only have ten minutes till night fall and the Creepers and Zombies start to appear.

I gather some wood from the forest and chop it up into planks and sticks.  My first build is going to have to be a pickaxe, I need to make some shelter for myself, and this rock face looks perfect.  I chizzel away with my pickaxe until I end up with a small cosy 1 room hole in the side of the cliff.


Next I build myself a door to finish of my new dwellings, followed by a stove to keep me warm throughout the night and to smelt some ores as well.  I find a small vain of coal lining the wall of my house I chip some away and make a few torches to dot round the building, stopping those mobs from spawning where their not wanted.

Next I craft  myself a nice blunt sword from the wood a gathered earlier.  I venture out into the wilderness in search of some food and try and find some sheep so I can get some wool and craft my bed for tonight, I always feel bad killing the animals, they never know it’s coming, they just stand there waiting, (Idiots)

Now, I think I have everything set for my first night.  I think I’ll get some shut eye, as the sun is just going down.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring, I’ll need to start doing some real mining tomorrow and craft myself some armour and real weapons if I am going to survive out here for long.