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Hey all…..

well after all this time i have finally decided to take the jump and move to america for a few months…..

Recently I have been struggling with my purpose here in the UK.  I have my own house, a good job, and a handful of very good friends, but I feel that apart from my friends there is no purpose to my life.  I have my own house which is a place I sleep but I have no connection to, I have a job that keeps me busy but not enthusiastic, I just feel like I have all these things just to say that I actually have them, but they mean nothing to me.

So I have finally taken the plunge and decided to go travelling america more 3 months.  its something I have always wanted to do, and something I need to do.

I have recently got myself into a bad situation of playing on the gamblers in the pubs and drinking to much, all because I’m bored.  I need something to get me out of this rut, and the only thing I can think of is a new life, something away from what I know, something completely new, and I am hoping that spending some time in the USA will give me the chance to start a new life, and re invent myself, be who I really want to be, and not having to pretend to fit in with the society of where I am now.

either way I will keep you updated

Mike Out


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