Yay i’m back

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Hey all

Sorry it’s been so long but just haven’t been in the right frame of mind to type.  It’s not the case that I’ve been in a bad place or anything all though I still have my bad days, but it’s more of a case that everything has been going well.  Work is going great, I have some really good friends who are all ways there for me, and life in general is looking up.

I just have so much more to get up and do that I no longer have as much time to sit down and type, but I really do miss blogging.  Blogging has been one of the main things that got me through the hard times, along with a couple of very good friends who I love tremendously.  But I thought it’s about time I start typing again, it’s one of the only times I feel I can really speak my mind and not be judged or criticized.  It’s like being able to stand up and do ‘my life’ sort of play in front of a huge ordinance but not worry about all the hassle you’ll get at home or work, it’s just like minded people reading your life, no judgment, no hatered, yeah you may every so often get a couple of bad comments but those people…… hell, who cares.

So to all who are worried about putting their lives online, don’t worry, there are thousands of people who want to read your thoughts,  don’t be scared  just do it.  And hay, you may get some bad comments, but screw them, they’re the idiots, ignore them and love your life.

Till next time.


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