Another strange week

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Hey All

Well it’s been a frantic week at work, so much has been going on.  There have been loads of work going on at work at the moment, both incoming at outgoing, which has been extremely hard week, for everybody.  sad

As per usual, I haven’t been sleeping, and just like normal, I just keep plodding on.  But the sleep has been even worse than usual recently, I don’t know why but it has, and it must be showing.  I had already booked next Wednesday off work as a lieu day, but my manager came up to me the other day and said take the Thursday off because I look run down.  He asked me if everything wes OK, and I said Yeah everything was fine, whilst I was trying to hold back the tears and wanted to say, no, I can’t cope with life at the moment, 

I don’t realy know the perpose of this blog at the moment, but just needed to type and vent some thoughts.

Thanks for reading, if you did, and let me know if any of you feel the same way, maybe we can help each other out. 

Art by angelswar



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