Music is a funny thing

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Hey all…..

Went to a acoustic night at one of my local bars the other night, the main act was a girl called Brooklyn Rose, check her out, she Turn_on_the_music_by_croboxis amazing.  Anyway, it got me thinking about how music affects us, and why we see the same songs in very different ways.

Everyone listens to music, whether it’s to relax at home, some background music at work, or something fast paced to work out to.  There are also lots of different ways music makes us feel, and what the song means to us, some make us feel good, other make us feel bad, some just remind us of better or worse times.  We can interoperate songs in many different ways, a song could be the most depressing song around, but because of the situation you heard it in, it may make you amazingly happy.  We all have  songs that make me feel happy, sad, energetic, depressed.

I think allot of the time the reason we see a song in one way or another, is the situation we first heard it.  It’s like allot of couples will tell you what “their” song is, and you think to yourself what the hell has that got to do with their relationship or their personality, but it is because they heard that song at the perfect moment when they were together.

One of my favourite songs is by Nine Inch Nails – Everyday Is Exactly The Same.  It’s all about the daily routine of life, never changing, the boredom of it all, and not being able to escape.  But for some reason this song never gets me down, it’s makes me feel accelerated every time, and puts a smile on my face, not sure why, but it does.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  It would be great to hear what your songs are and how they make you feel, just leave a comment at the bottom, and remember, music is life.


Art by crobox



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