3 Weeks Gone

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Hey all…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but it has been a hectic few weeks.Image

First off, I went on holiday down to Newquay, in my VW bus, which was great.  It took me a good few hours to get there (7 hours in total) but I got there.  But on the second day my clutch cable went, so I had to call out the AA, who managed to bodge it on the spot, which was great.  The next few days were fantastic, hot sun, cool breeze, and good friends.  

But when I got to the end of the week, packed up and ready to go home, you guessed it, the camper broke down again.  I got the AA out again, and they said it was the ignition coil, so I paid for a replacement, but still, it ran rough, so next the dizzzy, once again paid for the parts, and once again, still no luck.  Eventually, the AA towed me back to the site I was staying on, and the next day my dad (after trying everything I could to sort it myself) came down, all 225 miles, to help me try and repair it.

After many hours of both me and dad stuck under the bonnet, and replacing all the ignition system, the camper would still not run true.  So once again, we called the AA, but this time they said it was the fuel pump that had gone.  We weighed up costs of loosing several days of work and getting it into a local garage, against having it towed all the way back home.  eventually we decided to have it towed home.

Now back at home, and looking at it our self s, we realize the AA is useless, the coil is fine, the fuel pump is fine, it is just a case that the old style point are, well, buggered.

anyway, I’ll have another post for you all in a couple of days on how music effects us, and how it makes us feel.

Until then


I would like to add to this post that, without my Mum and Dad I could not of done any of this with the camper, they have both been there to support me and the fact that they travelled 225 miles to come down south and help me fix it, well, there are no words to express how much I respect them and appreciate them.  I love them both, more than life itself.


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