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My Opinion on the Sexual Abuse Allegations

This past week a number of YouTubers, all of which I have spent at least a small amount of time with but none of whom I’d necessarily consider to be my close friends, have been accused of sexually abusing their fans.

Now, so far pretty much all my posts have been focussing on the possibility of false accusations and mob mentality and, to be fair, it appears that a large chuck of the claims have since proven to be bogus. Apparently allegations made against 4 YouTubers (KickthePJ, TylerOakley, Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil) have since been either retracted or revealed to be “hilarious” acts of “trolling.” Good job to the morons who thought this was a laughing matter.

However, a fair amount of damning statements have been made about YouTubers Nerimon (Alex Day) and Hexachordal (Tom Milsom) that simply can’t be ignored. It’s not my place to defend or criticise either of them (and they would be completely within their legal right to sue me for libel and slander if I did so) but I will say this: I hope these allegations go to court and are taken very seriously. Justice needs to be done to either punish criminals or clear names.

If any of the accused parties are proven guilty then they are disgusting parodies of human beings. To betray the trust of your young and impressionable audience is vile but to do so for your own sexual gratification is simply evil. Until that point however – and oh how I hope none of this is true – my thoughts are with the apparent victims. I’m so sorry this has happened.

What a fucked up situation.

via TomSka | My Opinion on the Sexual Abuse Allegations.


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