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27TH FEB 2014 | 163 NOTES

Guys, can we talk about jey? We need to talk about jey.

So apparently these guys are a pretty huge deal. I mean, according to their site they manage 16,000+ channels with a collective 150,000,000 subscribers! A very impressive number for a company with… 186 Twitter followers… no evidence of having more than 2 employees… and…

Actually you know what? Even I don’t even have the energy to be sarcastic about this. Who the fuck are these people? Why are they involved in what appears to be the cheesiest and completely unheard of YouTube “event” in the history of ever? What the actual fuck is this parody of a YouTube network?

An hour of browsing their site and I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised to discover that the North Korean ministry of propaganda was behind it. Their site is drenched in claims of success and delusions of grandeur with absolutely zero evidence to support any of it. “Collaborating with the whole YouTube community!” Can you name… One person?

In other news, NON UK YOUTUBERS, please be wary when accepting invitations to ‘You-Live’, “the words most diverse YouTube event.” No one over here has ever heard of these guys or this event. It’s about as sketchy as it gets. The venue they’re claiming to host the event at doesn’t even have it listed on their site.

Seriously. What the fuck? Trust no one.

via TomSka | Guys, can we talk about jey? We need to talk about….


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