Karma Is Real Challenge

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ImageBreaking new……

Scientists have just proven karma is real…..

Recent studies took 138 test subjects and placed them into a controlled environment.  Quarter of them were forced to resort to violence, and the outcome was catastrophic.  All of them came to a untimely death in some sort of horrific way…..

Then another quarter of the test subjects were all paid handsomely to do good things, which went well for the first few days, until, eventually they got greedy and wanted more money.  Then one by one the all came down with a new strand of the plaque.

The final half of the participants were all given simple tools and equipment and placed on a remote island.  They learned to share there food, take on different jobs to erect the village and started a wonderful paradise.  That is, until rats brought over the newly created plaque and infected all of the inhabitants.

The conclusion came that, karma is real.  But it doesn’t matter how you choose to live your life eventually you are going to come to your end, some way or another.

The moral…..  Be nice (or not), to everyone, because you have no idea when our humanity will take over and ruin us all.


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    February 13, 2014 at 11:40 am

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