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As I’m sat here, in my bed, still wide awake, I realize I should of been born in America.  By the time I usually fall asleep It will be about 4


AM here in the UK.  If I was in the US it would be closer to 9-10 PM which would be a fare better time of day to fall asleep.

It doesn’t help that I’m a caffeine addict, I get through multiple cups of coffee, and bottles of Pepsi Max every day.  I’ve tried sleeping pills, herbal teas, reading, but none of them seem to work.  But at least this gives me chance to draft a few Blogs and do some sketching.The problem is, I have is having a mind that wont turn off.  Whether I’m thinking about work, life, my neighbours making noise, or I’m stressed, there is always something keeping me awake.  But the one thing that really bugs me for keeping me awake is when I can’t stop thinking about Imagenot going to sleep.

So as I sit here, bored and alone I think to myself, I should of been like Sting and become another English Man in New York.


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