The Neighbour Challenge

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Hey guys…..

Here comes another daily prompt challenge.  Today’s challenge is Who are your neighbors? Are we friends with them, avoid them or just a casual wave hi.Image

I moved into my house about 2 years ago, and quickly got to know a few people on my street, except my direct neighbours, who when I first moved in, were neighbours from hell.  screaming kids all day and night, stupidly loud music and constant arguments, but they moved out a couple of months after I moved in, just to be replaced by exactly the same sort of people.  Finally they moved out as well and I am now blessed with nice, quiet neighbours, who moved in a couple of months ago.  I still haven’t met them yet, only seen them through my window as they come and go throughout the day.

Unfortunately I still have problems with the neighbours on the other side of me who seem to fight constantly throughout the day and night, it was only two nights ago I was trying to get to sleep when at about midnight there children started singing as load as they could, shortly followed by there parents joining in.

But after all this it could be allot worse.


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