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Almost time for the weekend again, and I have managed to find some tickets for Summer In The City.  The YouTube conference at the Alexander Palace in London in August, the UK’s biggest event for YouTubers.

And so I thought I would do a countdown of the top 4 mainstream social networks out there, starting with No: 1 YouTube.

youtubeI got into YouTube a good few years ago by seeing a link for @meekakitty, and was instantly hooked.  Soon after watching a few more videos I discovered another YouTuber @nanalew.  From there I soon discovered more and more people on there and the crowed keeps growing.

facebookNext on the list is the biggest site that everyone knows and uses, even your Gran.  Facebook is mega, there is no other way to explain how big this social network is.  As like most users I have had a Facebook account for many years, using it to contact old and current friends from next door to half the world away.  I think the best thing about Facebook is the user friendly buttons all over the page giving you hints and ideas.

twiterAnd so onto the next.  Twitter  This I one of my favourite sites.  What I love most about Twitter is that you can follow whoever you want and see what they are talking about, whether it is your best mate or your favourite actor, anyone can be seen, you might if you’re lucky even get a follow back from someone famous.

instagramInstagram is a very quick and easy way to share photos and videos with you friends.  Its simple to use and can make any novice Photographer look like a pro.  Instagram is a product I have never really used, as I use a different website fore my pictures Deviantart.  But the power of this program and how much people use it deserved a place in the top 4.

Well that’s what i consider the main sites, there are allot more around that I could talk about but I’ll let you guys discover them for yourself.

There will be another post on Sunday


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