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Hi There

Recently discovered a new Vlogger on YouTube called boogie2988.  And watched a couple of his latest video’s Draw My Life & Please Hold On. (You really need to watch them)  And what he said really touched me and made me think how much of our life we take for granted.

He talks allot about not having the greatest upbringing, and talks allot about wanting to kill himself in the past.

Allot of us feel down from time to time, feel like nobody understands us, and just want to lock ourself’s away.  Sure allot of people have had a bad upbringing and some of us have had terrible losses and debilitating deceases, but everyone reading this is still here in the present, in the now, and that is what everyone of us needs to keep in their thoughts.

I hope that everyone understand that some people just need a helping hand sometimes, that pat on the back, a hello, or even just a nod from afar, just something to help these people who feel like this.


Everyone deserves a chance, but unfortunately, not everyone gets one.

I hope everyone took the time to read this post and not just cast it aside.

Tha’ts all For nowPlease like and comment & share.  I would like to do a more in depth post about this topic in a few weeks time.



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