HELP!! My head doesn’t work….

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening depending where you are, hope you all had a good weekend.confused

It’s that time of the week again, the dreaded Monday, don’t worry though only another 4 days till the weekend again.  Why is it that everyone wishes the week to go quickly? surely that means you’re just wishing you life away quicker.

Anyway off topic a bit there.  This week I’m trying to improve my website for my Blogs but I’m lacking the creativeness for the design.  I need you people to come up with some designs for me for both the background image and the header image,  along with some designs for the profile image and banner for my Facebook page, any suggestions are welcome just need some help. I have always envied people who can just think of something in their head and put it to paper or design it on the computer, I can do it but it takes a very long time and an excessive use of an eraser.

Tried fixing my old computer the other day but something tells me it is a bit to far gone.  It started off by one of the arms breaking on the screen, followed by me opening it to see what was wrong and the end result is this. ———->


There will be anther post on Wednesday called the Lunch post, inspired by one of the writing challenges I found, the mission is to pretty much say what you see during your lunch hour.  I think this will be an interesting one.

Anyway until next time



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