UUUMMMMM, What To Say?

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So, Its been a slow week for me with not much going on so finding it very hard to Blog about anything really, but hey, we’ll give it a go.

I asked a few friends on-line to give me some ideas on what to write about, the only one I got was “Being skint and wanting to go get smashed in the pub?”, (You know who you are) so lets start with that.  I think everyone is a bit short on cash at the moment after all the Christmas shopping and new year celebrations, I know I am but we can all managed to pull through.  One easy way is like the suggestion above “go get smashed in the pub” sounds fun but whilst short on money not the easiest of options.  So instead of drinking why not start exercising, maybe some running or cycling, (bit hypocritical of me because I don’t do any exercise) but at least it will save you some cash and burn off some of that winter weight. OK yeah boring topic, I’ll move onto the next then.

This would of been allot easier if people would just tell me what to write, but I guess that’s half the challenge.

Tried getting tickets for summer in the city #sitc when they went on sale for the last time last night but my clicking finger was to slow and I didn’t get it and now I don’t get to see all my favourite people in London 😦

Anyway rambling now.

Please like and share, it gives me an awesome ego boost that I really don’t need but love.  Also please leave a comment on what to Blog about and give me a helping hand

Bye Bye


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